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Hunting Bug Sprays

Designed for long days in the field, Ben's hunting bug sprays and head nets keep you protected from biting insects so you can stay focused on the hunt. Choose from a variety of reliable, fragrance-free, and long-lasting insect and tick repellents for hunting.



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Don’t let insects distract your hunt with Ben’s hunting bug sprays. Enjoy a long day out in the field with long-lasting insect and tick repellents for hunting. Our hunting insect repellents are fragrance free so you can stay concealed from game as well as the bugs. Ben’s is proudly made in the USA and offers reliable protection from mosquitoes, ticks, no-see-ums, and other insects. Treat your clothing with permethrin Clothing & Gear spray for up to 6 weeks of protection and use our scent-free insect repellent on your skin in CDC-recommended DEET or picaridin. Enjoy the hunt without being bitten by mosquitoes or pulling ticks off you with Ben's range of hunting bug sprays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ben's offers reliable protection, scent-free options, and long-lasting effectiveness.

Tick repellents allow hunters to focus on the hunt without distractions from ticks.

Protection duration varies by product. Ben’s 100% DEET repellent provides 10 hours of protection against ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects. Ben's Clothing & Gear lasts up to 6 weeks on clothing and gear items.

Shake the bottle well. Hold the bottle 6 – 8 inches away from the clothing or gear to be treated and spray with a slow sweeping motion to lightly moisten the fabric. Spray until the surface is visibly darkened. Let the clothing or gear dry for at least 2 hours before using. Refer to the package instructions for further details. The 0.5% permethrin formula protects your items for up to 6 weeks and through several wash cycles.

There are several theories as to how DEET repels insects. One of the most popular theories is that DEET works to confuse and deter mosquitoes from where it has been applied. DEET interferes with a mosquito's legs and antennae making it harder for them to detect humans who have applied the product to their skin. Mosquitoes use their receptors to detect carbon monoxide and body heat to locate humans/animals, and DEET works as a cloaking device to disorient mosquitoes and prevent them from biting.

When applied to clothing or gear per the label directions, the permethrin bonds tightly to the fabric. When you come into contact with ticks or insects, permethrin acts as a barrier by repelling insects and killing them on contact.